About aeronav.net!

Aeronav.net is a resource which is administered by volunteers.  The purpose of this resource is to aid the individuals and groups involved in the standardization of Aeronautical Navigation systems.  There are many industry and government groups working on various aspects of standards development related to Aeronautical Navigation systems.  The goal of this site is to facilitate the communications of these groups and to stimulate communications between individuals involved in the various groups.

Obligatory Liability Disclaimer

This site is a not-for-profit venture administered by volunteers.  This is a public forum that supports dialog between many individuals.  The accuracy of any information is not guaranteed.  Use the information received through this resource at your own risk.  The volunteer administrators of the service accept no liability for damages that may result from use of any information that may be passed along through this resource.

Overview of Services

This site provides the following services:

Email Lists - A number of Internet mailing lists are supported by this site.  All lists should be considered moderated lists and users may be removed from the lists at any time as a result of misconduct.  Some lists have limited membership.  Aeronav.net would be happy to host other Internet emailing lists, if they are somehow related to standards development for Aeronautical Communications, Navigation or Surveillance systems or future Air Traffic Management systems.  Requests for creation of a new list should be directed to the admin team.

Document Archives - To a limited extent, important documents are made available for FTP download.  This information is limited to public domain information that can be posted without violation of copyright laws etc.  Documents will be added to the archives at the sole discretion of the site managers.

Links - A list of links to other sites that may be useful to those involved with Aeronautical Navigation Systems is provided.